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$715,000 in Pot Plants Locate | Local headline
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What appeared to be seed plots for marijuana plants were discovered in

Laurens County last week.

According to Laurens Sheriff Bill Harrell, a Governor’s Task Force

helicopter was doing a fly-over of Laurens County Thursday when officers in

the helicopter saw what appeared to be planting beds off Barron Lane near


“DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) estimated the plants to be valued at

$2,000 each at maturity,” said Harrell.

Members of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Drug Unit, Investigation’s Unit

and the GTF inspected the clear-cut areas on the ground and verified the

plants were marijuana plants in beds. The 357 plants were believed to be

intended for moving to other locations once they reached transplant size.

“We’ve just started our growing season,” said Harrell, explaining because

of the local climate the plants had not had time to reach the size to be moved

or sold.

As the economy continues to be slow those who would resort to illegal

methods to make money may be on the increase.

Harrell asked that any resident who sees any activity or behavior they

consider unusual or suspicious contact his office, especially if it involves

entering or leaving wooded areas at odd times when hunting seasons are out.

Also, residents should report if anyone is seen entering or leaving property

that does not belong to them and they do not have an obvious reason to be

on the property because many times those who grow marijuana seek out

secluded or wide areas of property to plant the cash crop on.

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