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Smart and creative financing ideas for first time home buyers
by realtynews
 Smart and creative financing ideas
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Everybody has a clandestine wish of buying their own home. Times are truly tough, and it’s not a simple task to convert your dream into actuality. While a home mortgage loan may prove to be very useful, there’s always a chance of defaulting on your loan payments. Thus, you need to consider several factors while taking out a home loan. A first-time home buyer is somebody who has never been the owner of a house, or hasn't had possession of the home for the last three consecutive years. Since home proprietorship is believed to boost neighborhood strength and the private property of the individual, a large number of first time grants and programs are available to help buyers with down payment and closing expenses.

Purchasing a home is probably one of the major investments that you’ll make in your entire lifetime. There are several factors for you to consider while going through your home purchasing process. When you’re a first time home purchaser, the two most crucial things to consider are - your mortgage affordability and closing expenses. A majority of the buyers think that down payments and closing costs are somewhat similar. Nevertheless, the truth is that, they are completely two different concepts. Besides, some people focus on the mortgage affordability, but often overlook the reality that they also need to make homeowner's insurancepayments and property taxes. However, the fact remains that, ahead of everything you need to consider your mortgage affordability. If you’re planning to buy a new home but don’t have sufficient funds for it, you need to look for ways to pool economic resources. Following are a few creative financing ideas for first time home purchasers.

Owner financing - This financing is useful if you hold poor credit score and don’t become eligible for a conventional mortgage. The whole idea of owner or seller funding is pretty simple to understand. If the seller funds your home in place of a bank or financial institution, it is known as owner or seller financing. Nevertheless, the seller is allowed to fund the home only if the home has no lien affixed to it. In this type of financing, the home seller and purchaser negotiate the rate of interest on the loan, amount of cash that must be paid per month, and of course the tenure of the loan.

Fixer upgrade - For first time home buyers, fixer upgrade is one of the best creative funding tools. There are numerous low-priced homes that need renovation or reconstruction. You can purchase one of these houses at a very economical price. The requisite down payment for these types of homes is quite affordable. You can then rent out a certain part of the residence. The rental earnings will enable you to meet the renovation expenses. When you have renovated your house, trade it at a superior price and make a considerable amount of money. You can make use of this surplus cash to buy a better home.

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