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A Storm on Hunger and Hardship
by scottbthompsonsr
 Pieces of Our Past
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A Storm on Hunger and Hardship


The cicada symphony crescendoes.

Thunder rolls from east to west.

Fireflies flitter about the dusk signaling the menacing tempest.


Across the swamp, lighting breaks the fading rays of the setting sun.

Ole Mr. Raccoon, who earlier was skulking around the cherry laurels,

has found sanctuary in the hollow of a decaying water oak.


As the darkness envelopes the entire sky,

even the fireflies are seeking shelter from the trickle.

The cool zephyrs sway the canopy of ancient pines and fragrant magnolias.


The lightning frolics with the Devil.

The booming thunder bellows in tune.

Behind the clouds hides the trembling crescent moon.


Raindrops drip down from the leaves.

Slowly at first, then in steady streams.

Saturating the summer scorched sands.


The tumult retreats to the south.

The echoes of thunder wane.

And, the bullfrogs croak once again.


The freshet quenches the Earth’s thirst.

The creatures of Hunger and Hardship settle down for the night.

and sleep in solace ‘til the rosy dawn’s first light.


Scott B. Thompson, Sr.

July 24, 2009

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September 19, 2009
Now, that's what I like...A most touching, profound writting. Thanks!
Ira Gold
August 23, 2009
Such a nice poem..
August 08, 2009