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Five questions to ask before hiring a real estate agent
(BPT) - Want to sell your property quickly? Looking for your dream house? Are you hoping to get the best deal possible during the complex process of buying or selling a home? With so much money – and often, emotion – at stake, going it alone is generally not the best way to reach your goals. The secret for getting exactl...
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Five super nutrients that help you age well
(BPT) - Parents often use the adage “You are what you eat!” to encourage children to make healthy food choices, but the saying is equally true for mature adults. Providing your body with a variety of nutrients lets you feel your best, and may even prevent disease and help you live longer. Allison Tannis is a nutritionist...
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Impromptu party planning: How to create great gatherings in 30 minutes or less
(BPT) - Parents have never been more crunched for time. Balancing work demands with parental duties is complex – 56 percent of working moms and 50 percent of working dads say they find it very or somewhat difficult to balance these responsibilities, according to a 2013 report about modern parenthood from the Pew Research...
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Quenching your yard thirst [Infographic]
As water bills rise and the hours spent on lawn care seem to multiply, outdoor watering can easily become a homeowner’s most daunting chore. Often times, the need to keep your lawn looking healthy and green feels more like wasted time, energy and money – especially as temperatures increase, which is commonly seen as an indicator to water more. However, watering doesn’t have to "drain" precious resources. Water-efficient lawns and landscapes, for example, allow homeowners to efficiently utiliz...
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Three must-have features to add to your backyard this summer
(BPT) - Is your backyard ready for bliss this summer? You probably look forward to spending as much time outdoors as possible during warmer months. But do you really have everything you need to ensure you can enjoy your outdoor living space from dawn to dusk – and beyond? Here are three must-have backyard features that c...
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Four simple tips to better hearing
(BPT) - Staying socially active and engaged with friends and family is important as people age, and hearing well is crucial to making that happen. New research shows that hearing loss is associated not only with a range of physical problems, but also mental health problems such as social isolation and even dementia. That...
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Putting together the pieces to manage childhood asthma [Infographic]
Childhood asthma is a serious and costly chronic disease that affects one out of every 11 children. National Asthma Awareness Month gives us an opportunity to put our heads together to come up with good ideas to help children and their families better manage the disease. It’s time to start managing asthma where children live, learn and play. That’s why the Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc. created this infographic to highlight the critical role that schools, families, healthcare providers ...
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Get glowing with simple tips for summer skincare
(BPT) - Sunshine and fresh air make us fall in love with summer every year. It’s a time to explore the outdoors and enjoy fashions like tank tops, flip-flops and sun dresses. How can you get beautiful summer-ready skin while keeping it protected from the sun’s hot rays? Get healthy, radiant skin that you’ll be proud to show off with these skin care tips and tricks for warm weather months: Toss your old sunscreen Long days playing in the sun are a part of what makes summer such a special seaso...
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Programming your child's health - 5 nutrition tips for baby's future health
(BPT) - What if you could program the future of your child’s health as simply as you program your alarm clock? Push a button, choose a selected wake-up time, click and you’re done. It’s not quite that simple, but studies show that what a woman eats just before and during pregnancy will impact the health of her child for ...
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Why, how, what to compost [Infographic]
Compost is a mixture that consists largely of decayed organic matter and is used for fertilizing and conditioning land. Home composting reduces the need for water, fertilizers and pesticides, and encourages a higher yield in crops. Consisting of nutrient-rich brown and green material, compost creation is low-maintenance and can be done on both small and large scales. Creating your own compost will save you money and is easy to do. With compost starters like Ringer Compost Plus available to he...
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Smarter snacking for spring and summer
(BPT) - The air turns mild and warm, people gladly shed winter coats, and the days grow longer – everything about spring is lighter and brighter. Since the warmer months bring about many occasions to enjoy the best of backyard cookouts and boardwalk fare, the season’s more indulgently delicious offerings may cause us to ...
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Top tips for avoiding injury and strain while gardening
(BPT) - Fresh packets of seeds, the dirt between your fingers, and the smell of freshly churned earth – gardening season has officially begun. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a newbie to home planting, gardening is a great activity that provides both physical and mental health benefits. Enthusiasm for gardening ...
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