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Dull, brittle locks? Follow the 4 expert rules for strong, beautiful hair
(BPT) - For years, women have been working at the ends of hair, rather than the foundation – the scalp. Now, it is time to start working at the right end of hair. Ninety-nine percent of hair’s natural strength and beauty comes from the scalp, CLEAR Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy reports. A well-nourished scalp is the right ...
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Organ donation: gift of a second chance at life
(BPT) - While organ transplantation is a remarkable story in the history of medicine, the need for organs is vastly greater than the number available for transplantation. Any way you figure it, the math doesn’t add up to a promising picture. In 2012, there were more than 115,000 people in the U.S. awaiting an organ trans...
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Health watch: Superbug infections putting more at risk
(BPT) - If you’ve ever felt sick or battled a bug, you may have asked your doctor for an antibiotic. Ever since the advent of these wonder drugs, these medications have one common goal: fight bacteria in the body to help maintain a healthy immune system. As new medical breakthroughs emerge, the role of antibiotics has al...
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Outdoor entertaining made easy
(BPT) - Patio season has arrived, and opportunities for outdoor social gatherings will abound in the coming months. Birthdays, graduations, showers, holidays and any other reasons to enjoy warm weather will call for unique outdoor party solutions that differ from indoor events. Here are a few ideas to make al fresco ente...
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Surprising ways older drivers can stay safer on the road
(BPT) - For baby boomers and beyond, a lot has changed since they first received their drivers’ license, from car technology and traffic rules, to even road conditions. Many older drivers are taking a proactive approach to staying safe on the road. Most wear a seat belt – 77 percent of drivers age 65 and older according ...
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Fun ways to help kids 'rock out' to classical music
It’s hard to imagine, but there really was a time when classical music was the popular music of the day. Haydn, Beethoven and the boys were the “rock stars” of their time. If music fans wanted to hear the latest and greatest music, they ventured to the nearest church to drink in the sounds of these classical greats. Toda...
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How to support your friend in a split
(BPT) - When a marriage ends in divorce, it’s not just the couple who is involved. Friends and family members are also part of the process and often play many different parts – from objective confidant to reliable “vent-ee.” If you’re suddenly or unexpectedly thrown into this role, what help are you prepared to offer? Su...
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Save time and money with easy DIY auto maintenance tips
(BPT) - Vehicles are a big investment for families – usually the second highest valued item in a household after the home itself. While the purchase price for cars, trucks and SUVs keeps going up, the cost of maintenance is holding steady or even dropping for most vehicles. Better materials, sophisticated computers and o...
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Transform garage sale castoffs into fun finds
(BPT) - As the warmer weather is upon us, it brings many new activities: baseball, picnics, beach time and – best of all - garage sales. People are purging what they don’t need or no longer want. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn their trash into your treasure.  From outdated odds and ends to forgotten furniture, ther...
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The sweet taste of spring
Spring has sprung, along with one of the sweetest treats of the season - fresh sweet corn. Over the last few years, fresh sweet corn has become a spring vegetable that’s just as highly anticipated by those in the know as the season’s first peas, asparagus, and radishes. Available nationwide, fresh sweet corn is harvested...
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What guests want [Infographic]
A new survey finds that guests' No. 1 request at hotels is free Wi-Fi. Check out the infographic below to discover what other amenities guests enjoy.  
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Three home improvement tips to help you breathe easier
(BPT) - One in five Americans suffer from allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). As the 2013 allergy season begins, experts warn that it may be one of the worst in recent years, with people experiencing an unusually strong reaction due to increased tree pollen. But little attention i...
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