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Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc., Semmes, AL now hiring 40 temporary Nursery Workers to work in Mobile County, AL from 2/1/2018 to 11/1/2018. Hourly wage of $10.95. Perform manual labor to plant, transplant, cultivate and tend to field grown and containerized plants, shrubs and trees including azaleas, evergreen hedges such as boxwoods and hollies, shade hydrangeas, ferns, blackberry vines, figs, blueberries and other ornamental grasses and plants using hand and gardening tools. Requires prolonged walking, stooping, reaching, bending, pushing, and pulling. Lifting and carrying up to 50 lb. bags of fertilizer and 15 gallon potted plants. Work outside in extremely hot, cold and/or wet weather. Employer is a participant in the E-Verify program. Tom Dodd Nurseries, Inc. does not hire persons convicted of sex related, violent or drug related crimes except under extremely limited circumstances. Individual situations will be taken into consideration at the request of an applicant. Drug testing is conducted post-hire at the employer's expense and is not part of the interview process. Negative results are required before starting work. Three months of nursery work experience required. Three quarters of an average of 40 hrs./wk guaranteed. Tools, supplies and equipment provided at no cost. Housing provided at no cost if outside commuting area. If applicable, transportation and subsistence expense to the job will be paid upon completion of 50% of the employment period, or earlier. Apply for this job by reporting to the nearest SWA in the state in which this ad appeared or contact the Mobile Area Career Center, 515 Springhill Plaza Court, Mobile, AL 36608, (251 ) 461-4146, JO# AL2321022.
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