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Legal No. 13-496 NOTICE OF SALE
location: dublin 31021
Legal No. 13-496
Pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia, Annotates Section 10-4-210, et. seq., there will be a public sale at the location listed below, the proceeds of said sale will be used first to satisfy the storage fee and other expenses of this auction. Any other proceeds will be used to satisfy such creditors as present their claims in advance of sale. The sale will be held as follows:
A. Occupants:
#48 Marlene Earle
#60 Thomas Holmes
#173 Sherlinda Davis
#203 Sherlinda Davis
#238 Tessie Burch
B. Space Rented: 1854 Marion Street
C. Name and address of storage facility: Little House Self Storage, 1854 Marion Street
D. Time of Sale: Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.
E. Place of Sale: Little House Self Storage
F. Manner of Sale: Public Auction
Household goods.
September 21, 28, 2013
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