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Legal No. 13-389 NOTICE OF SALE
location: dublin 31021
Legal No. 13-389
Pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia, Annotated Section 10-4-210, et seq., there will be a public sale by Palmetto Land Co. on Tuesday, July 30, 2013, starting at 9:00 AM. The proceeds of said sale will be used to first satisfy the storage fee and other expenses of the auction. Any other proceeds will be used to satisfy such creditors as present their claims in advance of sale
Arnold Wesley Moorman
693 Old Macon Road
Dublin, Georgia 31021 Unit A-50
Tina Brown
107 Gino Drive
Rentz, Georgia 31075 Unit A-10
Ann Smallen
410 Cloverdae Drive
Dublin, Georgia 31021 Unit A-56
Bernard Mack
706 Village Circle Road
Apartment 706-A
Dublin, Georgia 31021 Unit A-42
Malcolm Madison
424 Eastwood Drive
Dublin, Georgia 31021 Unit A 52-45
July 20, 27, 2013
views: 177 posted on: Fri, Jul 19 renewed on: Fri, Jul 26 expires on: Tue, Jul 30