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Legal No. 12-661
location: dublin 31021
Legal No. 12-661
Under and by virtue of the Power of Sale contained in a Deed to Secure Debt from Charles T. McCoy to Dessie Raymond Sutton and Sheila Sutton dated December 3, 2007 and recorded in Deed Book 1969, Page 45, Deed Records of Laurens County, Georgia, said Deed to Secure Debt having been given to secure that indebtedness evidenced by certain Promissory Note, there will be sold by the undersigned at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash before the courthouse door in Laurens County, Georgia, within the legal hours of sale, on the first Tuesday in December, 2012, the following described property:
All that tract or parcel of land together with the right of ingress and egress to said property over the road leading from the public road in a northerly direction and coming to said property BEGINNING in the middle of a road located immediately in front of my house at a point near a pecan tree running thence in an easterly direction along the middle of said road a distance of 300 feet, more or less, to the curve in said road which then curves and runs in a northerly direction, a distance of 330 feet, more or less, thence in a westerly direction a distance of 255 feet, more or less, to the outside of a light pole, which light pole shall be included in the property herein described and thence continuing westerly in a straight line, a distance of 93 feet, more or less, to a point; thence in a southerly direction a distance of 129 feet, more or less, to the outside of another light pole, which shall be included in this property, and thence continuing in a straight line in a southerly direction, a distance of 255 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning, the westerly line of said property running approximately to feet west of the aforesaid pecan tree, which tree shall be included as a part of this property. In the event that it is necessary to have a survey of said property, such survey shall be made substantially in accordance with the instructions set forth above, keeping in mind the fact that the distances are approximate. This property includes my home house and two other buildings, an equipment shelter and a shop.
This is the same property described in a Deed of Assent recorded October 6, 1995 in Deed Book 826, Pages 53-54, Laurens County Records from Dessie Raymond Sutton and Trabue Brooks Sutton as Executors of the Last Will and Testament of Dessie J. Sutton aks D. J. Sutton to Laura Mae Sutton for and during her lifetime and during widowhood, then to Dessie Raymond Sutton for his lifetime with remainder to Sheila M. Sutton, Tracie S. Lord and Stephen Sutton.
The debt secured by said Deed to Secure Debt has been and is hereby declared due because of, among other possible events of default, failure to make payments in accordance with the terms of said Note. The debt remaining in default, this sale shall be made for the purpose of paying the same, and all expenses of sale, including attorney's fees, notice having been given of intent to collect attorney's fees.
Said property will be sold subject to any outstanding ad valorem taxes including taxes which are a lien but not yet due and payable, any matters which might be disclosed by an accurate survey and inspection of the property, any assessments, liens, encumbrances, zoning ordinances, restrictions, covenants and matters of record superior to the Deed to Secure Debt first set out above.
To the best knowledge and belief of the undersigned, the address of Charles T. McCoy is 1156 Hogan Grove Church Road, Dublin, Georgia 31021.
Dessie Raymond Sutton and Sheila Sutton
As Attorney in Fact for Charles T. McCoy
Smith & Garner, LLC
Attorneys at Law
1808 Bellevue Road
Dublin, Georgia 31021
This is an attempt to collect a debt and will be used for that purpose.
November 10, 17, 24, December 1, 2012
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