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My First St Patrick's Parade and Festival as a Dublin, GA resident
by hurib910
 My Life in Dublin, GA
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Lucky Charm

Yesterday, I enjoyed my first St Patrick's Parade and Festival as an offical Dublin, Laurens county resident. Not to mention yesterday was the first offical day of Spring as well. After looking in the front yard as a reminder of spring, there were bee mounds everywhere! They looked like little mole or groundhog mounds! I actually saw a couple of bees coming out of their little holes. Time to put up the window screens and apply the sunscreen lotion so I can play in the dirt at the Capt Hardy Smith House.

It appeared that the St Patricks Parade and Festival traffic was heavier, the parade longer and the crowd larger than last year. It weather seemed warmer too. Beautiful blue skies with light winds dominated the day without a cloud in sight at least not until later in the afternoon did the clouds start to creep in. There was something for everyone to enjoy at the parade and festival yesterday. The parade was nearly 2 hours long and I enjoyed every minute of it despite the resulting mild sunburn I got. The festival food was delicious.  It is amazing how people can come together, be creative and sell things so unique and beautiful. Seeing Hummingbird feeders and Windchimes made out of bottles were a pretty clever idea. The solar path lights with adorning motifs that were made from wood were quite interesting to look at as well. So I had the unique perspective to see both events and not have to walk more than two blocks from my home to enjoy it.

Check out my blog: for a complete narrative and pictoral of the St Patricks Parade and festival from my point of view.

I am very fortunate to live at the Capt Hardy Smith House, the oldest home in Dublin and have easy access to alot of activities that this beautiful little town has to offer. My one year anniversary as a Dublin resident is April 30th. I am beginning to settle in more and more. The trips to my former hometown of Alpharetta, GA don't seem as appealing given the slower pace and the geniune southern hospitality that is more prevalent here in Dublin. Since living at the house, alot of work has been completed. All the work in the masterbedroom took nearly three months to complete. It is so beautiful now. I spend alot of time in there :) Waking up every morning with a ceiling fan attached to a 14' ceiling spinning above my head  and a beautiful fireplace makes it all the time and effort worthwhile. Our new bathroom is nearly complete, with just a little touch up painting to do. Our central air and heating has been working perfectly to keep us warm this past winter and so far, no glitches in our electricity throughout the house. One of our guest bedrooms is completely renovated and furnished. We have a functional, working kitchen and stairs have been built in the back part of the house to utilize storage space above the kitchen.

Working on the Capt Hardy Smith House has been a labor of love. I have been given the priviledge of choosing the colors and lights for the house. I have been whisked from apartment living to living in such a beautiful, historic home. What an amazing change. Next on the horizon of never ending projects at the Hardy Smith House will focus on the yard. About 150 or so Oconee River rocks have been found in the basement area in the back part of the house. They are all stacked outside of where they were found and will be put to use for perimeter fencing and other projects. As I took at closer look at the rocks, I noticed many of them have fossilized sea shells embedded within them. Alot of them even looked like fossilized sea reef. I did a little research on the Oconee River and those rocks came from the Atlantic Ocean millions of years of ago from sea life, clay, sand, mud sediment mixing together to form these ancient rocks. Pretty cool stuff. During the unearthing of the river rocks, old bottles in various sizes, shapes and colors, most of which pre or post date the early 1900s were found. A silver lipstick holder, a silver pin with a monogram initial, a medicine bottle with a silver spoon, some marbles, chunks of coal were also found. The Capt Hardy Smith House dig excavation continues with excitement. Check out my blog and the official Capt Hardy Smith blog link which can be found by scrolling to near the bottom of my blogspot page for narrative and pictures of what was found.

As I settle back into my daily routine at the Capt Hardy Smith house and life in Dublin, it is almost as if I never left home to begin with.



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