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Capt Hardy Smith House Renovation Update
by hurib910
 My Life in Dublin, GA
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John and his collection of river rocks
John and his collection of river rocks

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I am counting down to 'Super Saturday' which is when the St Patrick's Parade and Festival is scheduled to commence. This will be my first St Patrick's Parade and Festival celebration as an offical resident of Dublin, GA. I came to the event last year but I have a special sense of pride in knowing I am now an offical resident of Laurens county. I mark my one year anniversary as resident of Dublin on April 30th.

Now, for the the latest developments at the Capt Hardy Smith house. The last entry stated, 'the stairs will be built'. The stairs have been built and the space above the rooms in the back of the house have been fully utilized. We now have, relatively speaking, a workable kitchen. We are able to cook and use the oven, microwave to cook our meals and sit comfortably at our table to enjoy our meals. We are in the process of preparing to install cabinetry to begin the next phase of the kitchen renovation project. Temporary yet strong laminate flooring has been installed in the kitchen. We plan to tile it at a later time. We have to do alot of major projects on the house in stages because there is so much work to do. It is time to replace the air filter. So we are waiting for someone to come out to replace it and to show us how to do it as well.

The bathroom is over 95% complete. Just 2 coats of tan trim in the crown molding and the ceiling need to be painted. We have had to postpone painting due to other projects. I have already put up pictures and other things on the walls to make the bathroom look 'homey'. The utility room is working beautifully and long showers are a wonderful luxury we take advantage of every day. Check out: for the most recent pictures of the bathroom. The linen cabinet is FINALLY done...Well, almost! I want to paint a design on the front of the doors. I am researching my options. I have spring type arrangement of flowers adorning the top of the cabinet. 

Once tax season is over for John, we plan to resume painting on the interior of the house where we left off. Once we get to a satisfactory point in that project, we then will begin to beautify the property with a new bed of grass, flowers, trees and bushes. For the last two months or so, John has been unearthing river rocks in the basement in the back part of the house that perhaps Captain Smith planned to use in additional construction projects. These rocks have been buried for over 100 years. So far John has recovered over 100 of these heavy and huge rocks. We plan to build  perimeter fencing around the property using these rocks for the base and split rail fencing to complete the project. We have one very large dead tree in the back yard that John will be cutting down next month and another smaller tree that needs to come down. There is another tree next to the large one that is dying and will probably have to come down next season. Look forward to burning that wood in our fireplaces.

So please continue to visit my blog here or my entries for the latest developments at the Capt Hardy Smith House. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of this week.


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