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Christmas at the Capt Hardy Smith House
by hurib910
 My Life in Dublin, GA
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My name is Elizabeth Fortner. I have been a resident of Dublin, GA since April 30, 2009. I live in the historic Capt Hardy Smith house in downtown Dublin. This beautiful 136 year old house was spared from demolition a little over 2 years ago when John C Hall, Jr, CPA, of Atlanta, GA purchased it. Over the past two years, the house has undergone a series of transformations. The house went from drab to strikingly beautiful. I have been fortunate enough to see the house undergo a major interior renovation which is still in progress. The house now has central air/heat and a new bathroom (complete with claw bathtub, pedestal sink, shower, utility room for a washer/dryer)with a custom made linen cabinet. The 1" white porcelain hexagon tiles set the mood for a beautiful 1920s look.

Since I moved to Dublin, my living arrangements at the Capt Hardy Smith house have been challenging at best. Now, I am living in the 21st century, complete with most of all modern amenities. The next stage of the interior renovation will focus on the back part of the house. The house is separated into two main sections by a breezway with a working well. The back part of the house has a kitchen and another room, which used to be a formal dining room, I believe. Above those two rooms, will be used for storage. Stairs will have to be built in order to utilitze that space.

The masterbedroom is 95% complete. Crown molding needs to be added/painted and the baseboard trim finished/painted. The office, is about 90% complete. Crown molding needs to be added along with priming/painting. One of the upstairs guest bedrooms WAS 100% completed, until the electricians came in and destroyed the floorboards to drill the holes for the outlets. Now, John has to go back in that room, repaint the affected areas and apply another coat of polyurethene to the floors. The front/upstairs hallway and the walls along the stairs has a beautiful shade of pastel/pale yellow paint. Interesting we chose a certain shade of yellow because when John was sanding one of the upstairs walls, he discovered a previous occupant of the house used a similar shade of yellow that we chose. We decided, lets paint the walls yellow. Just one coat is on the walls now. We plan to add another coat and add a beautiful cucumber green to the upstairs hall in places to break up the color scheme. The bannister is nantucket blue with white trim on the rails.

By the way, the house is constructed of all tongue in groove, hardwood- beadboard pine. It feels hard as a rock to the touch. You don't find beadboard of this quality today. The entire house is has all hardwood floors which we plan to preserve. Even the unusually loud sonic boom of yesterday, which came from a stray fighter jet that went out of its designated test flight path, originated from Warner Robins AFB, prompted John to call them. The noise shook the house, rattled the windows, rattled my nerves and panicked my dog. Luckily, nothing cracked. We were especially worried about the windows.  

As we approach Christmas, the house is aglow with beautiful white icicle lights, white candle lights in the windows adorned with red bows for a unique look. The bushes, one on either side of the house, have white lights on them. I call it my gingerbread house. This is the first time I have been able to decorate a home, that was actually a home and not an apartment, aside from my parents home. I am very thankful to be living in this beautiful, historic home.

I have another blog, called that I have been using prior to the discovery of this channel. Whatever I don't post here, be sure to check that blog and scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on other blogs I am following that pertain to Dublin and the Hardy Smith House.

Thanks for reading my blog and please check back for updates. I also welcome any feedback pertaining to accuracy of my entries as I have only been a resident of Dublin since April, so I am learning about the wonderful, exciting community.



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