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by SyndiMcKinnon
 McKinnon Family
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My name is Synthia and I currently live in Texas. My story begins with my grandfather, who was named Abie McKinnon from Claxton, Georgia. 

About 7 years ago, I spoke with a man that either lived in Nederland or the Lumberton area here in Texas. After awhile, I asked him how his family began. He told me that there was this one man that came down from the Carolinas, who had 25 kids 13 girls and 12 boys.  He then settled in Thomasville, Georgia. He explained that was all that he knew, but that he had aunts in Dublin, Georgia who had the information on the family.

Having never heard of the story, I just assumed that my family and his were of no relations. I knew my family from Claxton and Glennville, but I never knew of anyone from that part of Georgia. So, later on that night, I called my uncle. When I asked him how my family got started, he told me the exact same story. I was blown away. My uncle who lives in Carolina story matched a man who lives here in Texas. So, I began a journey to find out who my ancesters were.

I tried, but, it had limited information. Although, there was one distant relative of Martin McKinnon who had a tree, she had a John McKinnon (John was the son of Neil McKinnon) listed as Martin's dad. So, I started to research John McKinnon's line. But, I can't seem to tie Martin in as his dad.

So, here is my information. I am hoping that someone can help me:

My grandfather was Abie McKinnon from Claxton, Georgia.

Abie's grandfather was Albert McKinnon (Albert is buried in the McKinnon Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Georgia. Alot of my family is buried there)

Albert was the son of Abie (Abraham) McKinnon. Abraham was the son of Martin McKinnon. (Abraham is buried in in the McKinnon Cemetery)

Martin McKinnon, whose dad was John (I believe, but not sure) 

From what I know about John. His dad was named Neil McKinnon from Scotland. John had 2 brothers Kenneth McKinnon and Hector McKinnon who were born in Scotland. John was born in Robeson County, North Carolina. John then married Mary McIntosh and they left North Carolina and migrated to Thomasville, Georgia stopping over in Mt. Vernon.

Now, what makes me believe that John and Martin may be related is that:

1. Martin is buried in the cemetery along with some of John's family.

2. I looked through census records of McKinnon's in the Mt. Vernon (Montgomery County) area during that time, and John and his wife were the only ones with a large number of children and a large slave population.

3. They follow the migration pattern that the man from Texas and my uncle stated. "One man comming down from the Carolinas with 25 children, settling in Thomasville, Georgia."

Now, the only problem with that story is that when I checked with the genealogy society in Thomasville, they don't have a record of a McKinnon with that many children in the area. So, I am completely stuck.

I am really hoping that someone in Dublin, has heard of this story. Even if you only have a name, it could help me.

Please feel free to contact me, and thanks so much for the help.

Synthia Duffy.

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October 23, 2015
Martin actually lives on the McKinnon plantation in Georgia he was a slave there but he was given as a gift to Jane McKinnon when she married Philip mcrae she took Papa Martin to the mcrae plantation with her to carry out her family's traditions and her family's name that's how he got to Mount Vernon Georgia but he was not originally from there
October 23, 2015
Martin McKinnon and Fannie Sharpe are my 3rd gr grandparents. His father Martin Sr and Phyllis McRae are my 4th gr grandparents. They lived on the McRae plantation owned by John McRae in Mt Vernon, Georgia. I have an extensive tree on My email is
Katherine Hamlett
May 12, 2015
Your grandfather, Abie McKinnon, was married to my Aunt Tea, half-sister to my mother, Ann Oglesbee. I have a beautiful photo of Abie McKinnon reading the Daily News in a suit when he lived in Harlem. I don't know the story about the 25 children but me and may be related. The family knows me as Renee (Nae Nae) and I am the daughter of Ann Oglesbee. My mom married Aaron Frink (my dad) and I later married Archibald Hamlett. My first name is after my daddy's mother.
Vickie McKinnon Hend
November 12, 2013
I know this post was done a few years ago, but just saw it and had to respond! I grew up in Mt.Vernon, GA and know the history you are seeking.