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by chadblue
 da truth about
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its funny how cops are allowed to break the law and not be punished in the way that we would be for the same crime.two people were shot by cops in dublin they both were unarmed and in both cases they made it look like a mistake.well if you walk around with a gun on your hip and your not a cop and you shoot someone you went looking for do you think you can get off by just saying hey i am sorry?i dont think so,if your a cop you get free loops to jump threw when ever you do something wrong we get a long ride in the prison system.not only the shootings  cops get to lie on the stand and nothing happens they say there just doing there jobs,well is your job to lie to make a case?i guess so being that the d.a office does it all the time and what happens to them nothing at all.cops and the d.a are allowed to do what every it takes to make a case on a person even if they have no facts at all they see people as just a case never thinking that they could be wrong but when they break the law they want us the public to see things from there side like the badge means your the only one allowed to make mistakes and that you should not be punished.i know that its people out there that break laws and should be punished but your job should not be your pass to get away with the same crimes you lock people up for.

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