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Overcomers by cywalker
Still standing
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by cywalker
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As time passes at one time or another we all reflect back over our life and wonder how things would have turned out if we had made different choices as opposed to the one(s) we made.  They say that hindsight is hard to accept.  Do you ever wish you had married someone other than the spouse you're with; Have you ever wished you had made another career choice but feel that you are too old to do so now.  Do you hate you signed  a lease or bought the house where you now live?  These are just a few of the things that we sometimes inwardly regret having done but never voice to anyone.  Therefore, we live a life of misery and deceit which affects our true identity and personality.  Did you know that supressed emotions can cause serious mental and physical problems.

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Still Standing
by cywalker
Jul 25, 2010 | 1139 views | 1 1 comments | 20 20 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Throughout the past 2-3 years the economy has taken a downward spiral and many families and indivduals (including myself) have been gravely affected.  I have listened very intently to various topics for the cause of this dire situation that has unwantingly been pounced upon us.  There has been endless finger pointing from, the banks, fanny mae, the republicans, the democrats, the president, etc., and the main topic of division between the elected officers that govern our country is how and what to spend tax payers money on.  Oftentimes they want us to believe that we are in such a financial deficit and there is little to no hope for recovery. No matter how many political terms are used to define what caused this financial nightmare, I can simplify the cause with three words...greed, manipulation and lies.  The citizens of the US have been deeply affected by all of this with no guaranteed end in sight, however, we are still standing.  I found out a long time ago as a minority, how to survive with what I have.  I am determined to make it no matter what happens.  I will not subcumb to this recession, and I do not accept mediocrity and lack for my life. I could complain but I won't.  There are days when I am very depressed and filled with despair; sometimes I don't want to do anything but cry and have pity parties. But understanding that depression is a mental breakdown of what we cannot see the outcome of, I readily take command of my mind and begin to quote God's word.  You see, I am a true worshipper and I believe that "The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want".  I have been given an abundance of life so that makes me more than a conqueror.   However, just this past week I was beginning to sink into a dark place, but I was reminded that I have everything I need for provision.  Without going into drawn out details, I begin to use the supplies in my kitchen and have launched an at home business.  Within two days I have earned enough money to pay my utilities.  I am very excited.  I stepped out in faith and there is no one or nothing that can stop me at this point but me.  Folks, we are wonderfully made in the image of Christ.  God created us and He is well pleased with His creation.  Do not let the situation you may find yourself in define who you are.   Things will get better, but you have to do all that you can to help yourself.   Be encouraged and stay focused.  Talking and complaining about how the folks in office are/are not handling things, talking and complaining about a recession, and complaining about how hot it is is the resolution to NOTHING!!   In such a time as this, I offer Christ to you.  He is in charge and He cares what happens to you.  I leave you with this..."For I know the plans I have for you", declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".  Jeremiah 29:11

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Tam Bryant
October 06, 2010
Thank you for sharing your personal testimony about overcoming the odds and refocusing your mind on the word of God. Truly Gods word is a two edged sword and allows you to quench the darts of Satan's opposition to the mind. Congrats on your home based business. Keep on moving forward, your story is an inspiration.